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work for Childnet & ESPSN and with Professor Tanya Byron on the Byron Review


2008 ICT Mark

2008 ICT Excellence Award

2009 ICT Excellence Award

2009 Handheld Learning Nom.

2009 Innovation Award Winner

2010 London MLE Award

2011 Microsoft Partner in Learning

2012 Education Business Award

2013 Naace ICT Impact Award Shortlisted

2013 Apple Distinguished Educator

2014 Creator of Maths at Home   

2014 Education Advisory Board (IntoFilm)

2014 Editorial Board Member (LGFL)

2015 IntoFilm Ambassador

2015 IntoFilm Club of the Year Leader

I have been working in schools for 20 years and have been at Anson

Primary School, London, for 12 years, harnessing the power of

technology to extend learning beyond the classroom.

This is central to my ICT vision, which focuses on teaching children

the life skills required for the 21st Century with innovation at the heart

of my work.

During the past five years I have gained recognition for my work with augmented reality, learning platforms, engaging parents and using film in school. I have worked closely with the Science Museum to use Apple Technology to create an interactive, collaborative Web Lab in the school, exposing 400 children to innovative ways to work online. I have also taken the school into the world of paperless teaching and share our work through the school website, which I run using iWeb.

The success of these projects, and my desire to innovate in the classroom, has led to me being selected as an Apple Distinguished Educator.

Since 2007, I have been replicating the school in a virtual world. The impact of learning beyond the classroom is being seen through increased attendance, engagement and achievement.

I share my work by travelling to schools around the UK to talk directly to staff and leaders about how technology can work. I am also responsible for training teachers across Brent in the world of technology, through in-house training. During the course of a year we speak to international delegates about our work. So far in 2013, I have presented to groups from Singapore, St.Lucia, Bahrain, Colombia, Norway, Sweden and Holland. I also share the work of the school through our Twitter, Facebook and YouTube Channel.

I am also a member of the Leading Leaders Network. This is a group of Headteachers who come together to share their practice using technology and an active member of Cinetivity. This group of six Apple Distinguished Educators work together to create opportunities for children’s work to be brought to life on film.